Our Team

Stan Smith: Owner/President

Stan Smith has over 26 years of property development experience and is a socially responsible community developer, serving nonprofit clients in urban neighborhoods.  Specializing in providing support services beyond what a traditional developer offers clients, Smith emphasizes high-quality real estate management and quick, reliable tenant services. Stan offers:

  • An MBE Certified business
  • Customizing office space for the specific needs of a nonprofit, such as charter schools, partial treatment schools, day care facilities and housing.
  • Offering flexible financial and leasing arrangements to accommodate funding clause requirements
  • Managing all phases of the process: real estate development, leasing, construction and management, all under one roof
  • Providing quick and flexible decision-making as a one-stop shop

for more on Stan Smith please visit www.stansmith.me

Angel Roman: Construction Project Manager

In-house construction project leader managing a crew of 18 full-time construction employees. With over 30 years of construction experience, he has been on the SmithHouston team for 8 years.

Eron Shepherd: Director of Real Estate Development & Property Management

Over 20 years of experience of Property management experience, from high-income leasing to low-income tax credits. Eron has been on the team for 10 years.

Marianne O’Connell: IT Administrator

Focuses on hardware, software, and website management. Marianne has been with company for over 7 years.

Ryan Smith: Office Administrator & Property Management

Erik Rosario: Bookkeeper

Lou Dobkin: CPA

Brings professional accounting standards and analysis to the real estate development practice.