Making An Impact Every Day

  • SmithHouston Inc. is a socially responsible community developer, property manager, and construction company, serving nonprofit clients in urban neighborhoods.
  • The Company focuses on managing all phases of real estate development process including: leasing, construction, and management.
  • Initially focused as a residential developer SmithHouston Inc. specialized in the first time homebuyer. During that time, the company purchased, renovated, and sold more than 150 homes in Philadelphia. Eventually the company evolved into a redeveloper of multi-family, garden style apartment buildings. Most recently, SmithHouston Inc. has moved forward to focus on the development, renovation, construction, and management of more than 250,000 square feet of professional office and retail space throughout Philadelphia.

We specialize in:

  • Customizing office space for the specific needs of a nonprofit such as charter schools, partial treatment schools, day care facilities or housing.
  • Offering flexible financial and leasing arrangements to accommodate funding clause requirements.
  • Providing quick and flexible decision-making as a one-stop shop.

SmithHouston Inc. includes all real estate holdings, as well as real estate management and construction.

We have operated for over 25 years from our Germantown headquarters and Smithhouston Inc. trains, employs and retains local neighborhood residents.

We provide support services beyond what a traditional developer offers. Smithhouston Inc. emphasizes high-quality real estate management and quick, reliable tenant services.

The Company is currently concentrating in the Northwest Philadelphia neighborhoods of Mt. Airy, West Oak Lane, and Germantown.