SmithHouston is a turnkey Real Estate Investment firm focusing on the acquisition of office, Mixed Use and Multifamily assets in the Philadelphia region. It specializes in the nonprofit sector of office space in the low income neighborhoods, were the non profits have to serve due to the demographics requirement of their funding. We as developers are able to customize and deliver office space to them and thus they are able to fulfill their state, federal or city requirements. In addition we also serves some of their other auxiliary needs which brings them  into the neighborhood, such as; partial treatment school, specialize housing, charter schools, educational  or day care. We can also customize and deliver a finish product with long term leases.  We have successfully worked with a large number of non-profit groups in the Philadelphia area to help find and fit out their ideal space.

Please contact us directly with inquiries.

We will consider joint venture opportunities. We have excellent relationships with banks, attorneys and intermediaries, and above all, we will approach your property with discretion and respect for all the key relationships you need to maintain. We will work with banks, mortgage lenders and real estate brokerage companies to acquire opportunities in real estate.

Brokers will be protected

Please provide Physical location, map, description of trade and current demographics

  • Site plan along with pictures of property
  • Income and expense statements as it relates to the property
  • Tenant information and financials, if available